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screens may work for microwaves but

Well many positioning/tracking devices and acoustical devices might not be trapped out by screening.  Think about it you can here someone talk through a windows screen so how can it block sounds?  Well you neighbor cranks up his stereo way too loud and you want to soundproof that side of the house what do you buy.  Well any type of insulation (the higher the R value the better) helps quiet the situation. A good R30 or higher should deafen the roar of the neighbor or his devices. If you can put two layers separated by an air gap that is ideal but don’t forget to have them blowing in a bunch of wind from different locations (Don’t get lazy or ever feel you’ve done enough.)


painful microwave devices

The new non-lethal microwave devices are either microwave alone or microwaves used to bust a plasma ball.  Don’t believe me just do the research for yourself “Active Denial.”  Now these types of devices were being used by the military but I believe are no longer used under some international treaty.  I believe this is because they can be deadly or at least do damage to the victim.  But for inside the US their is little or no regulations, even the safe power levels are still being looked at.  There is generally no way one would realize that his or her problems came from a device such as these and all the people that associate with them would deam them crazy since they are the only ones suffering.  But just as you can hit somebody, just one person within a crowd with a laser pointer so can you do the same with these devices.  The microwave only device works at a frequency that will penetrate the skin by 1/64th of an inch (just to where the nerves are.)  This causes a painful burning sensation but this also heats the body up tremendously and can heat it up enough to cause dizziness, visual problems, heat stroke and I’m sure death (yeah non-lethal my .ss.) Since screens work for your microwave what you you think?  Time for a trip to the store!

Whats WalMart’s metal window screening got to do with my microwave

First of all, have you ever looked in the door of your microwave? Why didn’t your eyes pop? Well look carefully and there is a metal screen on the inside of the glass.  This screen even though it has holes through it stops the microwaves from getting through. So the first thing you should do is take a trip to W..lMart (I like this because I always forget things till almost all stores are closed but W..lMart is always open) or your local hardware store since didn’t you forget to fix that window screen?  Now certain size holes deflect certain frequencies and some of these wave machines operate through a large range of frequencies so we can’t just rely on a standard screen. Take that screening and crumple it up numerous times and then hang it up folded back and forth to create multiple layers.  This makes it real hard for anything to be “filtered” (erased) because it would be awful hard to determine a bunch of random wrinkles!  Now that is good but it’s still not enough for some extremely sophisticated computer software (I should know I wrote software like this.) Now here comes the fun part! Turn on your ceiling fan, buy some oscillating fans and maybe a large window fan and turn them on also.  Think about this every time you turn one on you add tons of work for any microprocessor (actually even arrays of them won’t be able to trap out this.) This is only the first step but you cut the so-so devices out completely they better have paid big bucks to see through just what you’ve done so far.  Next Post I’ll tell you how to increase you defenses more!

Through the wall seeing and the legality of it

A device has been described that is  able to sense through 12 inches of concrete and then fifty feet into a room.  Now realize that no one should be using such a device on you without a legal warrant but as with many devices of this kind somehow they manage to find their way into fanatical individuals or agencies hands where as with anything can be abused.  The US law states that no one may peer behind what is normally available from a legal vantage point.  So with things such as blinds people may look in through the small gap between the slats and by moving their head they can see different areas inside.  Now use a camera on a pole and move it up through the entire range of the window for each gap and place all the pieces together and you have the blinds removed legally. But with acoustical, thermal and infrared devices if the windows are completely covered and there is no visible areas to look in from legally then to use these devices to look into a room must be accompanied by a current legal warrant.  In the next post I can describe some methods to block this type of device from seeing anything.  Now this information is already available on the Internet, if you know where to look. I provide only a synopsis of this information solely for the purpose of blocking the illegal use of such devices.

Using Randomized Adaptive Discontinuities to Defeat Non-Lethal Accoustical Weaponry and through the Wall Seeing Technologies.

Using nothing but ordinary household items it is easy and can be scientifically shown how to defeat the latest supposed non-lethal acoustical weapons and positioning technology. Basically using ordinary household wire mesh windows screening, Aluminum Foil, R30 insulation rolls and foil backed r30 foam can totally render these weapons sightless and therefore worthless. The moral of the story is all high tech weaponry is vulnerable to very low tech countermeasures for instance the chemical sniffers rely on getting almost infinitesimal or undetectable amounts of the exact chemical that they determine its makeup using it’s molecular makeup (weight, pattern, solubilities) these small particles can be sucked up (or bound to another molecule) by emitting ozone which is a highly reactive molecule that is lighter and generally must faster moving than the slower chemicals that they are looking for. The ozone grabs a hold of the slow moving molecule changing it’s molecular look but it also weights it down much more such that the molecules now fall down to the carpet and can easily be vacuumed up without any traces left.

Using Randomized Adaptive Discontinuities to Defeat Non-Lethal Accoustical Weaponry and through the Wall Seeing Technologies.

Even though the title might sound confusing the theory can be explained quite simply. The Randomized part just means that things vary over time (i.e. thing are constantly changing never quite the same. The Adaptive means that the defense changes due to the randomizations applied to them (i.e. a sheet blowing in a torrential storm such that you can never predict its next position.) Discontinuities are just sharply changing items or properties (i.e. going down a rock filled river where there are trees, rocks, shallows, rapids all within the same area such that there was never the possibilities of hitting just one at any given time.)