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painful microwave devices

June 14, 2011

The new non-lethal microwave devices are either microwave alone or microwaves used to bust a plasma ball.  Don’t believe me just do the research for yourself “Active Denial.”  Now these types of devices were being used by the military but I believe are no longer used under some international treaty.  I believe this is because they can be deadly or at least do damage to the victim.  But for inside the US their is little or no regulations, even the safe power levels are still being looked at.  There is generally no way one would realize that his or her problems came from a device such as these and all the people that associate with them would deam them crazy since they are the only ones suffering.  But just as you can hit somebody, just one person within a crowd with a laser pointer so can you do the same with these devices.  The microwave only device works at a frequency that will penetrate the skin by 1/64th of an inch (just to where the nerves are.)  This causes a painful burning sensation but this also heats the body up tremendously and can heat it up enough to cause dizziness, visual problems, heat stroke and I’m sure death (yeah non-lethal my .ss.) Since screens work for your microwave what you you think?  Time for a trip to the store!


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