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Through the wall seeing and the legality of it

June 14, 2011

A device has been described that is  able to sense through 12 inches of concrete and then fifty feet into a room.  Now realize that no one should be using such a device on you without a legal warrant but as with many devices of this kind somehow they manage to find their way into fanatical individuals or agencies hands where as with anything can be abused.  The US law states that no one may peer behind what is normally available from a legal vantage point.  So with things such as blinds people may look in through the small gap between the slats and by moving their head they can see different areas inside.  Now use a camera on a pole and move it up through the entire range of the window for each gap and place all the pieces together and you have the blinds removed legally. But with acoustical, thermal and infrared devices if the windows are completely covered and there is no visible areas to look in from legally then to use these devices to look into a room must be accompanied by a current legal warrant.  In the next post I can describe some methods to block this type of device from seeing anything.  Now this information is already available on the Internet, if you know where to look. I provide only a synopsis of this information solely for the purpose of blocking the illegal use of such devices.


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