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Using Randomized Adaptive Discontinuities to Defeat Non-Lethal Accoustical Weaponry and through the Wall Seeing Technologies.

June 14, 2011

Using nothing but ordinary household items it is easy and can be scientifically shown how to defeat the latest supposed non-lethal acoustical weapons and positioning technology. Basically using ordinary household wire mesh windows screening, Aluminum Foil, R30 insulation rolls and foil backed r30 foam can totally render these weapons sightless and therefore worthless. The moral of the story is all high tech weaponry is vulnerable to very low tech countermeasures for instance the chemical sniffers rely on getting almost infinitesimal or undetectable amounts of the exact chemical that they determine its makeup using it’s molecular makeup (weight, pattern, solubilities) these small particles can be sucked up (or bound to another molecule) by emitting ozone which is a highly reactive molecule that is lighter and generally must faster moving than the slower chemicals that they are looking for. The ozone grabs a hold of the slow moving molecule changing it’s molecular look but it also weights it down much more such that the molecules now fall down to the carpet and can easily be vacuumed up without any traces left.


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