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Whats WalMart’s metal window screening got to do with my microwave

June 14, 2011

First of all, have you ever looked in the door of your microwave? Why didn’t your eyes pop? Well look carefully and there is a metal screen on the inside of the glass.  This screen even though it has holes through it stops the microwaves from getting through. So the first thing you should do is take a trip to W..lMart (I like this because I always forget things till almost all stores are closed but W..lMart is always open) or your local hardware store since didn’t you forget to fix that window screen?  Now certain size holes deflect certain frequencies and some of these wave machines operate through a large range of frequencies so we can’t just rely on a standard screen. Take that screening and crumple it up numerous times and then hang it up folded back and forth to create multiple layers.  This makes it real hard for anything to be “filtered” (erased) because it would be awful hard to determine a bunch of random wrinkles!  Now that is good but it’s still not enough for some extremely sophisticated computer software (I should know I wrote software like this.) Now here comes the fun part! Turn on your ceiling fan, buy some oscillating fans and maybe a large window fan and turn them on also.  Think about this every time you turn one on you add tons of work for any microprocessor (actually even arrays of them won’t be able to trap out this.) This is only the first step but you cut the so-so devices out completely they better have paid big bucks to see through just what you’ve done so far.  Next Post I’ll tell you how to increase you defenses more!


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